PSA: Bill Payment Declined? Check Your Billing Address Length



TL;DR - if you’re having trouble paying a bill and don’t know why, make sure the billing address listed in your account is around 24 characters or less.

I have a credit card on file with RW for automatic bill payment. Recently, I got an email that my card was declined for paying my bill, which was strange since nothing changed on my side. After trying to update the card on file in my account, calls with my credit card company, and support tickets with RW, the issue was that RW updated their billing system and now the address field has a maximum character limit. I updated my billing address from 32 characters to 23 characters by abbreviating things and using the “Apt/Suite” field and the payment finally went through. What’s frustrating is that the My Account web page where you update your payment information happily accepts long addresses without showing any errors, even though it won’t work on the backend.

Here is the note from RW Support:

Please know that we recently have made an update to our billing systems to improve the process moving forward. However, a side effect of this update was a limitation to the max number of characters in the address field. If you would please update the payment method once more and please put the apartment number in the appropriate spot on the second line, this will ensure the max characters is not met. Once this has been completed, please reach back out to us so that we can manually attempt payment.

Updating Credit/Debit Card for Payments Problem Solved!

Hi @dannis,

Thanks for letting the Community know a way around some frustration! We’ll work on improving things so our members don’t have to guess or open a ticket to get the address formatted in a way that works.


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