PSA: Comcast Opening 137,000 Xfinity WiFi Hotspots in Florida to Non-Customers during Irma!

Just saw this crawler on the Weather Channel. Hope everyone stays safe and followings instructions from local law enforcement.


Cool they will need all the help they can get too. Harvey was bad but this one can still be a Cat 4 or a Cat 5 when it hits Florida.

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This is excellent news … people helping people!!!

Speaking as a Floridian, I’m grateful for whatever assistance might come our way. I’ll admit to being skeptical as to how useful Comcast’s gesture will be. Many of those WiFi hotspots piggy back off of folks residential Internet access provided to them by Comcast. Widespread power outages would likely take a good deal of them out.

For those curious, I’m about 10 miles inland from Pompano Beach:

Ouch … stay well and safe

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Xfinity has a map available of the hotspots that are for businesses not private homes I believe these are the ones they’re going to open up:

Well, I know many people didn’t have cell service in some of the flooded towns in TX. They were able to snag some WiFi or possibly 3/4G and post on social media for help. So you never know it may come in handy.

Stay safe @rolandh.

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I hope it works out well for people. In the best of non-emergency times I generally find Xfinity hotspots to be useless as they’re so slow and flaky that even basic browsing is nearly impossible. I hope the experience in Florida is different than here in the DC area.

If folks can’t get a good connection with Xfinity there is also AT&T and Verizon:

“Gov. Rick Scott announced that AT&T and Verizon are also helping set up hotspot WiFi locations.”

This Mornings’ press conference Gov. Rick Scott added that T-Mobil is adding hotspots.

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Based on experience as a former Comcast customer in South Florida, I’m finding it difficult to accept that Xfinity’s WiFi infrastructure (or AT&T’s or Verizon’s for that matter) under additional load and less than ideal conditions will fare better than the cellular networks. On the other hand, any port in a storm! :persevere:

Oh my, @rolandh! Just hope you and your family stay safe amidst hurricane Irma’s path.


It only gets worse for some. Now it’s projected to head straight in my direction. All those people that are coming to Atlanta from Florida and Savannah are going to be on the wrong side of what will be TS Irma on Monday and Tuesday. If we’re told to evacuate I’m evacuating…and I’m taking my bird with me too.


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Possibility of a few tornado and flooding from rains but no hurricane force winds or a storm surge. Hope all survive.


Please anyone in the path of Irma Evacuate your family, pets, photos and prized possessions you can move easily. This storm is a killer! The storm is 400 miles wide & going straight up the center of Florida at landfall.
(note: Florida is only 150 miles wide) Possessions and homes can be replaced & rebuilt better than it was. Don’t risk your lives. This means you too @rolandh & all other RW customers in the path of Irma.
God Bless!

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Some interesting facts covered in this article:

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