PSA: GSM Outage in Houston Area


Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday (although you may not be if you are/were affected by the outage). Apparently a fiber optic cable was cut resulting in an outage in the Houston area. T-Mobile has stated that they are trying to repair the cable. If you are not receiving cellular service in the Houston area and you have GSM, you may want to wait out the night before opening a ticket. Source: .



I am surprised they did not put a ring in there fiber route due to the reason of a cut cable The other fiber would pick up the traffic an you would not have a complete outage This a standard that Southwestern bell did in Houston,now ATT.


Update: Service has, reportedly, been restored. Source: .


Not sure why. I don’t know a whole lot about Telecom equipment. You know more than I do! Maybe that’s what they did seeing how fast it was fixed?


It must be outage weak!

My Comcast cable went out for a few hours yesterday…
It was out when I got up this morning. Still out.
Comcast we fixed it.
Lies! Still no work!
Tech coming tomorrow.


Well this going to be a bad year for cable outages due to all the wet
weather an a hard winter. Boy the splicers an testers going to be ■■■■ bent on repairs this year