PSA: Republic-supported phones on sale elsewhere


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Thanks for the heads up! Indeed from time to time one retailer or another has a sale. You probably already know this but for others reading, I’ll mention Republic welcomes compatible phones sourced elsewhere. A fellow Community member has put together a great article on that: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone.

There’s also this previous Community thread: PSA: Phones on sale elsewhere.


It’s also available through B&H and that one’s a better deal as it includes a free RW SIM card


In case anybody is looking for a premium phone at a decent price, Google has dropped the price on the Pixel 2 and 2XL and is offering some great trade-in deals. I bought the Pixel 2 XL for $599 (list $849) and they gave me $146 for my Nexus 6P, so a net purchase of $453. It’s still not inexpensive, but it sure is a TERRIFIC phone!

Note that they have the Pixel 3’s on sale too, but still too rich for my blood…


Amazon has the Prime Exclusive X4 for $139. That’s a pretty outstanding deal.


Google Fi now has the Moto X4 64GB Android One version for $149 with Google Fi activation.



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For the sake of keeping this topic on-topic and within our Community Guidelines, let’s focus on deals on phones that can be used (from the time of purchase) with Republic.


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B&H has their Moto X4s priced at $149/32GB black or blue and $199/64GB blue. I’ve had my 64GB X4 for about a week and really impressed with it coming from a X Pure.


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From the Moto website.

Buy a 32 GB, get a 32 GB free, just add both products to cart. Buy a 64 GB, save $150. Promos good through March 16, 2019 11:59 p.m. CST or while supplies last.**



Moto G7 power is on pre order from Moto as of today 249$ according to there e mail. It also on B&H from there email
Also B&H states will be avail. March 22.
I guess that will be the Moto. release date.

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Best Buy is apparently selling off its remaining stock of the “Verizon” Pixel 2 XL at $350. Though first released in late 2017 and superseded by the Pixel 3 series, the Pixel 2 series, in my opinion, remains among the best Republic compatible phones available.

Don’t let the “Verizon” tag concern you. I’m currently using a “Verizon” Pixel 2 XL on Republic.


Wow. I’ve been ignoring that deal since I saw Verizon in the item name. It’s back to $399 now. I’m not sure I would’ve been interested in the Pixel 2 anyway, but good to know that for future reference.


Moto Mods 50% off - today - 4/9/19 only


Samsung is selling some Certified Pre-Owned, Republic compatible, phones. No judgement from me on whether the deals are decent or not but the S7, S8+ and Note 8 are all there:


I haven’t thoroughly researched this but I believe that as long as it is the unlocked US version-- I see that the more correct description would be North American Factory Unlocked – thanks go out to @rolandh who mentioned this in another thread (about using RW phones/SIMS in china.) (Don’t have the exact model number) which Newegg specifically claims on their site:

" Motorola Moto G6 4G LTE Unlocked Cell Phone US Version (5.7" Black, 32GB 3GB RAM)"

page is here:■■■■

It may help to ask them to verify compatibility with RW – they may know or may have to ask Moto – a yes answer should at the very least grant you a strong return for refund case if it doesn’t meet your requirements. Check to see what they say (and let us know if you would be so kind.)


That phone is compatible. You may as well ask Newegg to solve matter anti-matter asymmetry for you. They’re just as likely to have the answer.


Thank you for your thoughtful, as well as humorous, reply. Much appreciated.


Today only… Google Fi is offering the Pixel 3 & Pixel 3XL for half price for new and existing customers ($399 - $499 depending on options). I believe this is the best price ever for these phones. You must activate the phone on Fi, but there’s no minimum time you have to keep the account open. So you could receive the phone, activate it, then immediately close the account and move the phone to RW.

I’ve posted before that I’ve been thinking about upgrading my G5 Plus. It’s been a good phone, but I’m looking for something more robust (especially the camera). The Pixel certainly fits the bill, but I’m not sure I want to give up Moto Actions (love the flashlight chop and camera twist) or the front fingerprint sensor. Decisions, decisions!


I would consider that a risk, see Fi’s track record of honoring promotions/discounts.
There forums are full of users who have never received the discount for past promotions or refunds…and many folks who have had an extremely difficult time even contacting Fi support.

I would read the terms page which u can find after a couple clicks on their sale page…
But the deice must be bought from Fi Store (NOT Google Store …this is an important point) AND must be activated on the same Fi account purchased under within 30 days starting the day the device ships. If not activated, they charge your card the full price.

But again, I see many folks who have been down this road and end up being charged by Fi regardless, or being told they do not qualify for the discount when in fact they do.

Just saying, I don’t trust Fi…and have had the personal experience to back it up. Your millage may vary, but at least be cautioned about them.

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