PSA: Republic-supported phones on sale elsewhere


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Thanks for the heads up! Indeed from time to time one retailer or another has a sale. You probably already know this but for others reading, I’ll mention Republic welcomes compatible phones sourced elsewhere. A fellow Community member has put together a great article on that: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone.

There’s also this previous Community thread: PSA: Phones on sale elsewhere.


It’s also available through B&H and that one’s a better deal as it includes a free RW SIM card


In case anybody is looking for a premium phone at a decent price, Google has dropped the price on the Pixel 2 and 2XL and is offering some great trade-in deals. I bought the Pixel 2 XL for $599 (list $849) and they gave me $146 for my Nexus 6P, so a net purchase of $453. It’s still not inexpensive, but it sure is a TERRIFIC phone!

Note that they have the Pixel 3’s on sale too, but still too rich for my blood…


Amazon has the Prime Exclusive X4 for $139. That’s a pretty outstanding deal.


Google Fi now has the Moto X4 64GB Android One version for $149 with Google Fi activation.



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For the sake of keeping this topic on-topic and within our Community Guidelines, let’s focus on deals on phones that can be used (from the time of purchase) with Republic.


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B&H has their Moto X4s priced at $149/32GB black or blue and $199/64GB blue. I’ve had my 64GB X4 for about a week and really impressed with it coming from a X Pure.



From the Moto website.

Buy a 32 GB, get a 32 GB free, just add both products to cart. Buy a 64 GB, save $150. Promos good through March 16, 2019 11:59 p.m. CST or while supplies last.**



Moto G7 power is on pre order from Moto as of today 249$ according to there e mail. It also on B&H from there email
Also B&H states will be avail. March 22.
I guess that will be the Moto. release date.