PSA: Republic-supported phones on sale elsewhere

Pixel 3a and 3a xl price drop :smiley:
(now at $299 and $379.99)


G6 for $99 … .

Update, price is now $119.



checking model number, thanks for the heads-up

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Moto G7 for $180 at Moto website.

¹ $120 off moto g7. Promo cannot be combined. Promo good from December 11, 2019 12:01 a.m. CST through December 30, 2019 11:59 p.m. CST or while supplies last.

$120 off, add to cart to see savings



All these phones on sale for the holidays…all too big in size.
My mother won’t use anything larger than her E4…and that was a hard transition for her comming from the old moto G1.
Also, phone has to be Gold in color.

Well, it might still break the bank, but Best Buy has the Samsung - Galaxy S9 64GB - Sunrise Gold (Unlocked) on sale.

Eww samsung…never again.
Hans’t Moto made any Gold phones of late?

I really wish Nokia phones would work with RW…those are better specs for the price.

Motorola has the blush gold G6 for $119. It’s a bit older, but my mother-in-law loves hers. She’s had it almost a year and I haven’t had to go over and fix it for her once.

That does look nice, but the phone is too large (153.8mm) for my mothers hands…the E4 she has now (144.5mm). The E4 is a bit of a trick for her to hold onto as it is, she drops it easy. It has a thin, mostly grippy case on it, so once u add on a case thickness of any to an even larger device…forget it.

The Pixel 3a was as large as possible to use for her, but that phone is too expensive a device to consider if she drops it. (i only paid $50 on Swappa for the E4 she uses now, and $80 for the G1 new from RW she used before). and a thick protective drop proof case makes to much bulk.

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the moto G7 PLAY unlocked at best buy looks good for $130 new, they have open box for $115.
Might be a good option to replace my moms E4.
There is also the E6 model, for $100 though. has removable bat.
But, i still think the money is better spent on the Pixel 3a, as that phone has a far far superior camera, which i know needs. The 4a is rumored, maybe the cost of the 3a will come down even more soon.

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Pixel 3A with a $100 Giftcard for $349 at Amazon or B&H.


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Google Pixel 3 XL 64GB Smartphone (Unlocked, Not Pink) at B&H for $399, if you can live with the color.

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