PSA: Republic Wireless and Securus and VOIP (Jail calls)

Hello! Hopefully this is a niche topic and you and your loved ones all stay free! Maybe this post will help someone. Republic Wireless is recognized by Securus Technologies as VOIP, which is not allowed by their system. (Securus Technologies is an inmate communication company used by many jails). They don’t treat your phone number like a “real” phone number and will disallow calls from the jail to your phone for security purposes and there’s nothing they can do about it. (stop reading now if this is all you need to know :slight_smile:)

I successfully received 3 calls from the jail before Securus blocked my account with them. It was a difficult mystery to figure out, made worse by their not-so-great customer service, and knowing my inmate was probably freaking out. The ultimate solution was to get another phone and add the new phone number to the Securus app which I had installed on my Republic Wireless phone. If this happens to you, try to get a phone number local to the jail to reduce collect call costs.

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