PSA: RingPlus Shutting Down

Since some have suggested RingPlus as a viable alternative to Republic, I thought this might be of interest. If you ask me the outcome was inevitable: I can verify the legitimacy of the post as I received the same email.



Do you know how this will impact Best MVNO newsletter since they were attached at the hip? I just received a newsletter today with no idea of anything going on.

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Hey @bocephous,

I’m not aware of any direct relationship between RingPlus and Best MVNO. My guess is RingPlus was an advertiser.


Yeah one of there bigger advertisers.

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I don’t get it… Did Sprint get mad and drop them for suing them? Was RingPlus a sinking ship anyway? It doesn’t sound like sprint to up and throw a reseller of their network unless the terms were violated.


I’ve been keeping my late parents’ number at RingPlus and have not received any communication at all from them about this.

I take it that I now need to find another place to keep the number or just let it go?


That’s like suing your parents to be emancipated.

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RingPlus has a long history of shall we say shenanigans. Here’s a fairly recent thread: Anyone thinking about switching to RingPlus might want to think twice about it.

I haven’t had the opportunity to look at the lawsuit. I’m thinking RingPlus wasn’t paying Sprint.


Then my question is, what in the world did they expect to happen?!?!



RingPlus not RingTo. Your parent’s number is safe!


Ahh. A couple other resellers I have known (aka Harbor Mobile and Blue Green Mobile) have been thrown off certain networks for violating terms and, possibly, not paying bills. I guess surviving in this market is not as easy as it may seem .


Oh well. For folks with one of their free plans (me included), I guess you get what you pay for

For anybody actually paying them for service, I have slightly more sympathy, but not much - why were they even paying for what they could have had for free?


I need to learn to read gooder.

(Yes; lots of complaints and funny business from RingPLUS mentioned on the boards here over the years!)


Also, as of the date of the filing of the lawsuit, Sprint has disabled RingPlus’ application program interfaces (APIs) for new customer activations. Moreover, the major US wireless carrier has also notified RingPlus that it will be discontinuing all service to RingPlus (and to all of the MVNO’s customers) on February 11th. Obviously, it may be a wise decision for existing RingPlus customers to start looking for other options. Sure, a lot can still happen in a week’s time, but it would be smart to plan ahead now.

I read of the issue about a week ago at Prepaid Phone News . Their news today includes a story on the law suit.

Additional info that may be of help from the above source.

Sprint Threatens to Shut RingPlus Down Feb 11 - How to Save Your Number | Prepaid Phone News

homelessonwheels wrote:

Oh well. For folks with one of their free plans (me included), I guess you get what you pay for

Indeed, “free” is a difficult model, at best, to sustain. I have an old Sprint prepaid LG Tribute active on RingPlus with a throwaway number I don’t care about. I can’t speak for your “free” plan but unless it was a previously to this announcement discontinued “truly free” plan, there was a top-up involved. If that top-up wasn’t spent, I wouldn’t expect to be seeing it refunded.

homelessonwheels wrote:

For anybody actually paying them for service, I have slightly more sympathy, but not much - why were they even paying for what they could have had for free?

I do have empathy for these folks because RingPlus engaged in what amounted to deceptive marketing in order to lure them into a business arrangement RingPlus absolutely knew was unsustainable. It’s not the first time RingPlus has been guilty of this. Twice prior to this latest situation RingPlus canceled previously “free” plans on little to no notice.

I find it unfathomable some here suggested RingPlus as a viable alternative to Republic. There are many reputable alternative service providers for those whom Republic is not a good fit. RingPlus was never one of them. Candidly, RingPlus should be facing court action not initiating it.


Here’s the latest communication from RingPlus. Apparently they are trying to convince some other MVNOs to take over current subscribers, including honoring remaining top-up balances. Depending on who th eMVNO is and what the deal is, it might be a way to at least not lose whatever amount one has on deposit with them. I imagine most are in the $10-50 range. Anything, I suppose, is better than nothing. OTOH, for the small amount I have on deposit with them, compared to the service I’ve received for “free” I can’t complain; I made out OK. Here’s the email I received today:



Dear Members,

RingPlus is currently in discussions with other MVNOs (wireless carriers) that are ready to take over your service on their plans. Your Top Up balance will be credited by the other MVNO as a courtesy. Additional benefits will likely be available. If you port out now, you will lose your top up balance. You will be informed on how the switch will be completed as well as the information about the carrier later today. If you are interested in participating in the process, please do not initiate a port at this time. RingPlus and the other MVNO will work out a transition process, and infom you of the details very soon. (Unfortuantely, I you have already initiated or completed a port out, you will not be able to participate in this process.)

Best regards,

I received that email as well. The promise is more information including the identity of the successor MVNO(s) later today. Time will tell if RingPlus keeps this promise. Their track record keeping promises isn’t particularly stellar.

Neither the throwaway number I have there or my top-up balance is of concern to me. It remains my firm opinion (and the opinion of many others) RingPlus has on multiple occasions engaged is outright deceptive business practices. I would go as far as to call RingPlus’ business model little more than a Ponzi scheme. For the purposes I used them for, my eyes were wide open. The words caveat emptor could not be more appropriate.


I saw today where Ting was offering a $35 credit to RingPlus customers. Seems to me the RingPlus E-mail is geared toward holding onto subscribers until they can sell their customer list to another MVNO to raise some cash to benefit RingPlus.

I like Ting. They’re, in my opinion, a quality operation. I regularly recommend Ting to folks for whom I think they would be a good fit as I do Republic and others. For me, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. It all depends on what one’s needs and wants are. I’m happy to see Ting throwing a lifeline to RingPlus customers in a tight spot. Don’t know how worthwhile it will turn out to be for Ting though. Most of what I read from RingPlus customers looking to move on suggests, to me, they won’t pay Ting’s perfectly reasonable rates over the long haul.

I used RingPlus largely as a testing platform and backup service of sorts. I also experimented with their VoIP service (FluidCall) because I’m a VoIP geek and like to play. For those purposes, the price was right. I never considered RingPlus to be a serious service provider nor did I ever suggest anyone else do so.

Given what I imagine is owed to Sprint, I can’t believe that selling whatever remains of their 90,000 or so subscriber list would materially benefit even RingPlus. I don’t doubt they’d try though.

Migrating from RingPlus to Ting – Help center


Migrating from RingPlus to Ting

In the next week or two, active RingPlus lines will be automatically migrated to Ting (please stay tuned for the exact date). On behalf of all of us, welcome to Ting. We’re aiming to make this journey as simple as possible, but we’re still ironing out some of the finer points. You can read a few more details from RingPlus here, but there are a few especially important points we’d like to highlight…

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