PSA: RingTo Is Going Away As of March 31, 2018


Not much more to say. Email announcements sent out today. In case one didn’t see it the text of that email follows:

RingTo has enjoyed working with you these last few years. While we’ve learned a lot over the course of our journey, we’re focusing our ongoing development elsewhere. That being said, we’ll cut to the chase here: we are sunsetting RingTo on 3/31/2018.

The Good News
You have options! As the end-user of your number, you are free to port that number to any landline, wireless or VoIP service provider.

We Can Point You In the Right Direction
Don’t know another service provider? We’ve partnered with a great replacement who’s ready and excited to get started with you. Please note you’ll need to port your number in order to maintain your service. Read on for some additional information, as well as a link, to help you begin transitioning your account.

Switch to SideLine and get the most out of your RingTo Number
With the SideLine app, you’ll get:
• 2 Numbers, 1 Phone: Add any RingTo Number to your existing smartphone.

• More Features: Enjoy calling, texting, voicemail, web messaging, and more.

• Great Quality: Everything works with your existing cellular network.

Porting your number to SideLine is easy and it’s free to try for 7 days. After that, subscriptions are $9.99/mo.


Dialpad Free is (according to the email I received today) now available nationwide. A new number is assigned at signup but porting in appears to be possible. So, perhaps, an additional option for some RingTo use cases? More here:


A further reminder that RingTo is set to close in two weeks. If you wish to retrieve numbers at RingTo (and haven’t already done so) now is the time.

For what it’s worth, my most used RingTo number is (for now) at T-Mobile Prepaid. Ultimately the intent is to move it to Google Voice, primarily for robust messaging. Other possibilities include Anveo and Dialpad Free.

Other RingTo numbers I wished to hang onto (for which messaging is less important), I moved to Anveo. Anveo will port in RingTo numbers for free but fair warning most find using Anveo has a steep learning curve. Anveo does have SMS (sort of) but not MMS. On that matter, an independent developer with a new app has piqued my interest:

I (and others) have requested support for Anveo, which is in the works.

A long discussion here:

I’m going to miss RingTo. No other service I’ve looked at does the combination of over the top (OTT) calling, text messaging, blacklisting and simultaneous ring as flexibly. I had hopes Anywhere would be further along in its development cycle as (eventually), it will provide another potential option.

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