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Hi ! Am a Republic Customer for over 8 years. My phone is outdated now for app needed to use with hearing aids. Looking to purchase Samsung A51. Wanting to know if you will match price at Samsung for $325.00 Was told before could have a discount coupon when purchasing! Thank you, Larry

Hi @larryg.ps610k,

We don’t match other vendor’s pricing. Here’s our documentation on that:

The phone can be purchased directly from Samsung and brought to our service if you prefer their pricing.

It appears the coupon you were offered in the past is still valid and could be used on a purchase from the Republic Wireless store.


Thank you but i can’t remember what that was or how to use it to make purchase, Larry

Hi @larryg.ps610k,

It appears that Corey sent you the link again this afternoon. You’ll simply click the link he sent you, which will take you to our online store and will automatically apply the discount to your order.

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