Purchase Now, Activate Later?

With the current deals on the phones, we’re strongly considering purchasing a Moto G7 now but it wouldn’t be used until April or May of 2020. Is that an option? We don’t want to pay for service we don’t need between now and then if possible… :slight_smile:

You can activate now, later or never. It doesn’t change the price in any way. The only restriction is that the SIM will expire after a couple of years and if you didn’t activate by then you would need a new SIM.

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I would point out Republic’s return privilege though extended until January 15, 2020 or 14 days after the phone is activated (whichever comes first) will expire prior to April or May of next year.

There’s no need to activate the phone before then, however, I do suggest opening the box and powering the phone on to be certain it arrives in working condition. Of course, the phone would also be covered under manufacturer’s one-year warranty against defects.


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