Purchase of a phone and the method of paying for it


Good morning my Moto G4 Plus has a charging issue and it will need to go back to Motorola for repair. I would like to purchase an entry level phone or maybe a better one as a temporary phone until the other phone is repaired (if it can be).
My question is can I pay for it outright with a credit card that is not my primary means for paying my RW account?
Thanks in advance.


Republic does require the use of a US based credit card but it does not have to be the same one you use for your monthly billing
during the check out one needs to go step 5 and edit the payment method to change the card used for the phone

edit to include the Acceptable Forms of Payment – Republic Help


@scarablover If you do use a different credit card for your phone purchase, but do not want your monthly service billing on that same card, be sure to change the card on file after you make your phone purchase. Using a different card to make the phone purchase will set that card as the default card on your account.

If you need help on how to change the card information in your account after you purchase your phone, you can find steps listed here:


Thank you for the information.


Hi and thank you for the information.