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I have a Samsung Galaxy A10e and need a new screen protector, just wondering which of the new ones is compatible?? Thank you!!

Hi @scottl.qu8sl5,

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I’m not sure I understand your question.

If you’re asking which of the screen protectors currently in our online store is compatible with the A10e, the answer is none of them.
(Well, except for this stuff… Gadget Guard Black Ice Liquid Screen Protector – Republic Wireless)

If you’re looking for a recommendation for a compatible screen protector sold elsewhere, I’ll leave it to others in our Community to offer some suggestions.

It does look like the Community Treasure chest may have just a few overstock Gadget Guard Clear Black Ice Glass Screen Protectors left over from when we removed them from our online store. If you’d like one of those, it is yours.

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Hi @scottl.qu8sl5 , :slight_smile:

These (from Amazon) all will work for the A10e:

Amazon.com : samsung galaxy a10e screen protector

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