Purchased 1 gig of data. But I don't know how to use it to check my email

What phone do you have? I have a moto G

What plan are you on? My plan is unlimited talk & text.

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? My plan does not include data.

Issue Description

Hi @amyl.2ue2sv,

Would you mind telling the Community who provides your E-mail service? Tell us just the part of your E-mail address after the @ sign. Like gmail.com or yahoo.com or nc.rr.com

Then we might be able to better provide some instructions for checking your E-mail when you’re away from WiFi.

Have you installed a mail app or do you plan to use a browser? Have you ever used this phone to read your email or are you setting it up to do this for the first time?

I use gmail.

I generally check my email on my phone when I am connected to wifi. I was hoping I could use the Gig of data to do the same while I am staying out of range for a week or so.

Are you experiencing an issue trying to check the E-mail, or are you looking for instructions before you are in the place where you won’t have WiFi?

It works the same way as it works on WiFi. You really don’t do anything differently. So if you normally check your E-mail on your phone when you’re on WiFi, you’ll just take those same steps when you’re not on WiFi.

If you’re experiencing a problem doing so, we’d need to look into whether you have a usable cellular data signal (do you see “LTE” at the top of the screen when there’s no WiFi) and whether your phone has cellular data turned on. Those steps are here: Confirm Basic Network Settings – Republic Help

Should be transparent. Make sure Airplane mode is off and you have cell bars displayed.

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Hi @amyl.2ue2sv,

We haven’t heard from you in a while. Were you able to access your E-mail when away from WiFi? Are you still needing help with this?

Just wasted $5.
My neighbors sometimes let me use their WiFi.

We’d like to help you figure out what the problem might be. The next time you’re going to need to spend a week or so away from WiFi, please let us know in advance, and we’ll work with you to get it working. Based on what you experienced, I think the instructions to confirm basic network settings would be where we’d want to start next time.

Perhaps the area you were in did not have cellular coverage?

I’ve placed a $5 credit on your Republic Wireless account since we were unable to help you get this working in time.

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Thank you so much!
Cell service here is excellent.
I wondered whether I needed to “change my plan” to include data. I was afraid t try it because I’m running an old Moto G with the early $10 talk & text, and don’t want to lose it.

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Ok, I think this would explain it.

If you bought 1 GB of data for $5, then you were looking at a different phone on your account. $5 GBs of data are available only on our My Choice phones. So the $5 worth of data you purchased was not available to the Moto G you are using.

To use the Moto G that’s currently on the $10 plan, you would have to “change your plan” to either the $25 plan with 3G speeds or the $40 plan with 4G speeds. Or you could transition to the “Republic Refund” plan that lets you buy data at $15 per GB, but refunds you for any part of that 1 GB that you do not use. In either case, you could move back to the $10 plan at the next billing cycle. We don’t force anyone to remain on a plan that includes cellular data if they don’t need cellular data.

Adding these links for your reference.

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