Purchased a Moto E4 Plus from eBay

Ok, after a lot of back and forth thinking, I decided to go with the Moto E4 Plus. I don’t need a super fancy phone, just looking for something more modern than my crappy 4.5 inch screen slow Moto E2.

So I purchased one from eBay for $110. Slightly used, like new. I went through the SIM card process and everything checked out. Coverage in my area, the correct compatible model number, and my phone and SIM card are on their way this week.

I’m really hoping there’s no issues with this transition. I can definitely keep my same number doing this transition?

I’m really looking forward to switching over to the new T-MOBILE service because Sprint has been terrible for me. Constant dropped calls. Text messages never received.

As long as its the:

You should be set.
If you haven’t already done so, purchase a R.W. SIM card from their website or Amazon.

Be sure to run System Updates, there may be several.

There is a nice walk-through for the activation process here:

Edit: missed the part where u said u had a R.W E2 and are just going to a new phone.

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Yes the RW sim card and my phone from eBay are supposed to arrive by Friday. Yes it was the XT1775.

I was under the impression that as soon as I activate this new phone I can just transfer my current RW phone number to this new phone. Is this a long process to do this? I thought it was more or less instantaneous?

Ok, I just thought going from one Republic Wireless phone to another RW phone was instant. No big deal.

Hi @dyno,

If your current phone is a Republic Wireless phone, then when you activate the new phone, you’ll just sign into the same RW account and follow the prompts. You will be given the choice to add a new line to your account, or to use this phone as an upgrade to the existing phone, moving the number to it. You’ll select the existing number and the phone will activate with that number.

It happens instantly, as soon as the new phone is activated it has your existing number and the old phone becomes deactivated.


O! I had thought u were transferring from a another carrier. I see i missed the part in your post saying u had an E2 already. :dizzy_face:

As @southpaw mentioned in her last post, u just activate the new phone as a replacement to you current phone.

You will be moving to the current My Choice Plan, as the E2 is a Legacy 2.0 plan model.

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