Purchased Data, No Service

I purchased additional data for my wireless plan phone, and I’m still unable to use the internet when I’m off the wireless grid. Why is this? I would expect the Republic phone to act like any other cellular phone once I purchased appropriate data.

If you open the republic app what does it show on the My Data page for data left?

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When off WiFi, is it Cell calls you are having problems with or is it SMS/MMS (Texts)?

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Is trying to use apps such as Google maps, Gmail, or just in general accessing the internet. I thought having additional data purchased would take care of these issues. Thank you for your interest in my problem.

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  • Maybe you are having a basic connectivity problem, here are some things to look at/try

https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002105513-How-to-Tell-If-a-Phone-Is-Active-on-GSM-or-CDMA ?
- Which are you and what is your ZIP Code

  • When you check your connectivity Notification (one finger swipe down) to see the full Republic Wireless Notification

https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002002253-What-are-the-Connectivity-Status-Notifications- What does it show?

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Thank you for your reply. My phone is gsm, and my zip code is 53532. Data works fine in my home zip code. It’s just when I travel that I have difficulties.

That being the case, would you be willing to share the zips for the areas where you have issues when traveling?

2 zips that come to mind are the St. Petersburg, Fl. area 33701 and the Rice Lake, Wi. area 54822.

Hi @happilyretirerd,

Please allow me to provide some context. Currently, Republic phones are provisioned for cellular coverage with one of two networks. One network is GSM (T-Mobile). The other is CDMA (legacy Sprint).

From the maps, the poor coverage experience using Republic’s GSM SIM in and around Rice Lake doesn’t surprise me as T-Mobile network coverage in that area is weak to non-existent. St. Pete on the other hand shouldn’t be an issue. Legacy Sprint coverage looks good in all three zips you were kind enough to provide, so there is, for now, the option of asking Republic to provide a CDMA SIM for your phone. The how to on that is linked here:

I mention a Republic CDMA SIM as a for now option for a couple of reasons. T-Mobile who now also owns Sprint’s legacy network will eventually fold Sprint’s coverage footprint into its own existing GSM network, however, that’s a work in progress and the networks are still separate. The other thing to be aware of is Republic was acquired earlier this year by DISH Wireless LLC. If you haven’t seen it, more on that is linked here:

DISH has recently concluded a “network services agreement” with AT&T. Logic suggests Republic will, at some point, offer AT&T network coverage but we don’t yet know when at some point might be.

Bottom line, if you’ll be traveling, particularly to Rice Lake, sooner rather than later, I suggest giving CDMA coverage a try. Otherwise, you might want to see how things play out with Republic/DISH and AT&T.


Thank you rolandh for the very informative and detailed response to my inquiry. I will certainly look into the CDMA sim card and also read the links included. I appreciate your time and effort in addressing my concern.

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