Purchased data shouldn't expire at the end of the billing cycle

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On the My Choice Plan.
One time data purchases expire at your bill cycle date.

I asked a while back if they still bought back unused data, the answer was no, that was an older plan, I use very little data, but when I need it, I need it. I’m not understanding why that data doesn’t transfer to the next billing cycle, or until it’s used up. I only used about 200 MB, so I lost 800 MB. So I needed data, and it’s gone. so one gig data can last me up to 5 months, but to have data when I need it, I have to spend spend another $5 each month, so by the time I use a gig, it’s going to cost me $25… That pretty much seem to be a rip off.


Assuming no answers/responses because not too far off base?

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Closer to beating a dead horse. This has been discussed to death already.


I agree that I liked the refund plans - was very simple, and felt fair, compared to everywhere else that makes money on the unused data. But when I did the numbers for 2 phones, the old plans vs. the new plans (pre-pandemic), it was pretty much even for us. Having been home for a year with near-constant WiFi access, it probably would’ve been smart to drop the monthly data purchase. Oh well. I think another thread here said the new plans worked out better if you use 2/3 of a gig per month or more (My Choice Plan Vs Refund Plan). The only other plan I know of that refunds data is Google Fi, but their base plan starts higher.

If you know well enough in advance when you’ll need data, you could see if any local libraries have hotspots that can be checked out and try to reserve one - in my area I think a few of the cities have them. If you haven’t heard of them, they are a device that receives cellular data and lets you connect to it over WiFi.

Sounds like you are burnt out. Perhaps you should take a break. Questions and replys are new to most of the users. They have not seen this question before. If it is a frequently asked question, maybe the answer that is being given is not very good one.

I think @Majorninth’s point was that this changed in mid-2016. We’re approaching 5 years. At some point it’s enough. If he was posting about David Bowie’s death or the Zika Virus, or Ryan Lochte’s behavior at the Olympics, we’d all be saying, didn’t that happen 5 years ago?


Sounds like you’re burnt out, great answer! How does that pertain to a helpful answer? Are you working on being an ambassador? Plain and simple, you should get what you paid for. Did I did I not quote SpeedingCheetah. I’m asking, if you buy data, can you please not take away the balance at the end of the month. Let your customers use what they paid for. And I’m the one that’s burnt out, wow…

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Well what you pay for is data UP TO 1gb for your current month. Not 1gb to use forever until it’s gone. As noted many times before if it was forever data it would be much much higher in cost.

In the real world, all major carriers called it, roll over minutes…

Since rw has unlimited calls and text there are no “minutes” to roll over

What exactly does unlimited calls and text have with data?

What exactly does rollover minutes have to do with data?

Ah, maybe your data minutes roll over, you’re the one who brought up text and data not me…If you don’t understand the topic, I understand.

Majorninth said he understands roll over minutes, but here at Republic, everything is included. I asked why if you don’t use all your data, why do you lose the rest of it at the end of the billing cycle. Check the discussion out! Purchased Data's shouldn't expire at the end of the billing cycle - #17 by Majorninth

Actually, Republic Wireless still does offer the refund plan for older phones that used the refund plans. This is still significant to me because a family I know still uses one of my old Republic Wireless phones I gave them that’s on the refund plan. (I believe they have the Republic Wireless 1st gen Moto X). For most of the year, they live in a foreign country, and then they use that same phone when they come to the US.

I believe you still can find the old Republic Wireless phones that use the refund plan on Swappa and/or eBay.

How long will the refund plan last for older phones? I’m not sure, but it has been supported for several years for older phones, which actually is amazing.

Here’s some more information about why Republic Wireless hasn’t done refund plans for several years on newer phones:

(Please read this full post by clicking the upside down triangle below).

I definitely don’t mind the My Choice plan because I want Republic Wireless to make money, and getting out of custom ROM allows me to have more phone options to choose from. It also allows me to sell my used phones to more people than just Republic Wireless users if I want to. It allows me to buy Republic Wireless phones from a variety of different stores, and the cost of 1gb of data went down.

They even made the my choice plans even more affordable by giving the ability to pay for annual plans, something that I’ll probably do in the future.

If Republic Wireless doesn’t make money, they’re not a business, which means I won’t be able to get my affordable, value based service from them.

This is why I am just about ready to leave Republic.
They are unwilling to compete in the market place.
Loose a long time loyal customer, takes a lot to make them switch back.
Unlocked phone equals freedom to easily choose.

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When Republic Wireless was on custom ROM with the refund plans, we weren’t able to take our phones to another carrier like you can do now. This is actually a benefit of Republic Wireless switching to the My Choice plans several years ago.

With Dish acquiring Republic Wireless, it’ll be interesting to see how things progress as well.

I started a thread on the same topic I think back in March.

If I were to guess, it’s part of the business model that those who barely use cell data subsidize those who use more… even on the same data plan.

So what would happen even in the current business model if EVERYONE used their allotted data to the last bit each month?

I suspect prices would rise anyway.

Now, low data users subsidize the usage of high data users…

Yup. The original theory was republic bought blocks of data, users paid for data, and if there was unused data, recycle it. Hence, no need to purchase a bigger block next time, only anticipated what you think the company will need. So if you fill you car up with 10 gallons of gas, you expect X amount of miles. See, my last post was flagged, so read this one while you can! I’d buy 1 gig of data, I didn’t use it all. So the question you need to ask, before my post’s get canned again as normal, what happens to all this unused data that was paid for!

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