Purchased replacement Moto x4. Service not good in Tioga Pa

I have purchased a replacement Moto x4 for my old Moto x4. Do I need a new SIM card or should the old one transfer?

When I travel to Tioga PA my service area drops drastically. My father has coverage where I do not. Both Republic customers. He has an older phone I have a newer one with the newer plan.


Hi @brianm1975 and welcome to the Community!

Republic offers multiple coverage options for your Moto X4s. It’s entirely possible your present SIM offers different coverage than that attached to your father’s older Republic phone. Different doesn’t inherently mean worse, however, that may be the case in and around Tioga. On the other hand, we don’t want to improve things in Tioga if that means making them worse at home. Would you be willing to share your zip code (nothing more)?

We also need some information regarding your current SIM to address both potential coverage improvements and to ascertain whether a new SIM is required. For that, might we ask if the color of the lettering for the word Republic on the SIM is a mix of green and black? Or, is that lettering all gray or all black?

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The Sim card has re in black and public is green. Numbers on card are 8901260091104987206

Also should note I had to order a new phone it’s supposed to be Republic compatible. Not sure if I can just swap this card in or not. I am hoping so. But if a new card would help my service in both locations that would be great. It’s not the greatest in my area either. I often do not have texting ability without restarting my phone.

I am in 17110 area code In Tioga it is 16901 area code.


Hi @brianm1975,

Please allow me to provide some some context. Republic is able to provision its newer phones for cellular coverage with one of two network partners. One partner operates a GSM network and is T-Mobile. Republic’s other partner operates a CDMA network and is Sprint. In and around your immediate area either partner provides good coverage. In and around Tioga, CDMA coverage (Sprint network) is considerably better than GSM (T-Mobile network).

Here are my suggestions for you. Your current SIM is GSM and will indeed move to the new Moto X4 presuming it’s compatible (it almost certainly is). Once past initial setup of the new X4 and with your current SIM installed, you’ll need to download or update, then open Republic’s app. Doing so, will present an abbreviated activation sequence that will move service from old to new Moto X4.

Once the new Moto X4 is up and running using your current GSM SIM, if you wish to improve your coverage when visiting Tioga (without hurting coverage at home), please see here:

The CDMA SIM would provide the same coverage for your Moto X4 that your father has on his older Republic phone.

I am guessing the old sim card for my older moto x phone before the x4 would not work for this. It was a Sprint Sim Card. Interestingly I had the same problem with the old phone. My father had service and I did not. I was told once I moved to the new plan that would improve. So essentially I will have to switch out sim cards when in different areas? That seems a bit archaic to me. I realize Tioga is a little different as it doesn’t have the best coverage even among other carriers.


It would not as it’s specific to the old phone.

That’s not what I intended to convey. Either T-Mobile’s or Sprint’s network will provide more than adequate coverage at home for you. Sprint’s network provides better coverage in Tioga. So, use your GSM SIM to get up and running now. Then, ask for the CDMA SIM, which will work well both at home and in Tioga.

Ok Thank you. I will try that


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