Purchasing a gift phone


I want to purchase a phone as a gift for a family member who has a Republic Wireless account, and have the phone shipped to them to put on their account. How can I do that without the phone being associated with my account when I purchase it?


Republic phones are no longer link to the account when ordered or shipped. they do not link up to a republic account until activation (the advantage of them being US Regional Factory Unlocked )


Thank you for your timely answer. I had purchased several phones before for others and had transfer issues. Enjoy your holidays!


Hi @tuttleman,

I would like to clarify the information you have been given.

Early in Republic’s history, phones were shipped partially pre-activated, so when you ordered a phone the activation was already in place on your account.

That is no longer done. You can order a phone today and activate it on a different account with no problem.

However, for the purposes of returning a phone, the order is still associated with your account, and we must consider you the “owner” of the phone even if it is activated on a different account, should a need for a return or replacement arise.


Thank you Southpaw. With time being of the essence, I gained access to my niece’s account and ordered her a phone. No fuss, no muss.

I have been with RW since nearly the beginning and appreciate your many efforts in the community for many years. Keep it up and enjoy the holiday season.


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