Purchasing a new phone

I’ve been a RW customer for years. I would like to upgrade to a newer phone. Why can’t I keep the same plan that I currently have?

RW decided that all of the new phones would be on the new plans. They had their reasons, one technical we customers were made privy to. The legacy phones have a modified operating system that facilitated the way they implemented the refund plan, the new phones use the unmodified Android operating systems. We are not privy to their other reasons.

Putting it another way, the older phones were custom changed for Republic and their plans. The built in tools and Republic’s own software allowed for plans such as unlimited and refund plans.

Newer phones means new ways of doing things. Republic’s software has moved from being built in to being something that you can install and remove anytime you want. This means that you can take your own phone into Republic and out of Republic. This also means wider range of phones can be easily added to Republic’s network but it also means that Republic has less ways of doing what it used to do when it first started.

This and new contracts from the back end cellular provider (GSM/T-Mobile) means that prices and plans have changed.

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