Purchasing online while roaming

When roaming what is the risk of going a site like LL Bean and supplying your credit card number?

When on a WiFi network other than your own there is some risk involved. When roaming on cell (presuming you are on a 2.0 plan) there is no extraordinary risk but you will be using roaming data at 18 times the cost of native data. You have no roaming data on the 3.0 plans so making a purchase while roaming is impossible.

Do you mean “roaming” as in cellular data roaming? Only the 2.0 Republic Refund plans support roaming data

and it is used up at 18.3x your regular native cellular data allotment. So just from data usage standpoint it might

not be prudent usage of your cellular data while you are in a roaming area. If you do end up using roaming data…then

the security is only limited by the website that you are browsing…and what additional windows you might have simultaneously open within the browser that may or may not have access to the form data that you are submitting.

If you are on a public WiFi connection… and thus “roaming” as in away from home but not necessarily using “roaming data”…then your security situation depends on the WiFi connection that you are connected to.

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