Purchasing phone on amazon for 2.0 plan

I have a 3 year old moto g with the refundable 2.0 plan. The 3.0 plan will cost me double what the current 2.0 plan is costing me, so I would like to get a new phone and keep my plan, but RW isn’t selling any phones compatible with the 2.0. Is it possible to purchase a moto g 3rd generation off amazon and still keep my 2.0 plan?

You will not be able to buy an unlocked, new phone to work with the 2.0 plans. All of the phones that work with those plans are the models with a modified ROM. You can find used models on Ebay and Swappa. Just be certain you are buying a Republic Wireless phone. Here’s some information about buying a used phone:

Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones

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