Purchasing Unlocked Samsung Note 10+ Are these approved by Republic Wireless

Will these unlocked Samsung models of the Galaxy Note 10+ work with Republic Wireless:
SM-N975UZKAXAA or SM-N975UZKEXAA They are priced below what Republic and other vendors are charging so they look like a good deal for this phone. Thanks for any help.

If they are genuinely that model, they will work. But be warned, deals that are too good to be true usually are and the forums and help tickets are filled with folks telling tales of one vendor being much cheaper and then it turns out it isn’t the right version no matter what the seller said.

This might be useful: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

If you have a link to the listing, I’d be happy to check it to see if there are any of the known warning signs.


Thanks louisdi for the quick response. The phones are advertised on the B&H website. Here’s the link. They have both the 512gb and 256gb models.

Good Morning @raymondc.ev5oc7,

B&H is reputable and generally I would buy from them with confidence. That said, while the Manufacturer’s Part Numbers in the listings suggest these would be Republic compatible the model numbers in the titles suggest they would not be. For use with Republic, the model number must be SM-N970U1 or SM-N975U1 with the 1 at the end of the model number being critical.

If it were me, I’d ask the fine folks at B&H to resolve the discrepancy between the model and MPN. Ordinarily, B&H has customer friendly return policies when needed but things aren’t exactly ordinary these days. If you decide to proceed you might verify they’ll accept a return if necessary.


Those are almost certainly compatible. The price however isn’t anything special. Those have been the selling prices for a while. They’re the same price at Best Buy: https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/6ZLYN


Thanks Louisdi, I was finally able to read your linked How to Find… information. Some good advice and insight into the world of buying / selling phones.

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Here is another Samsung Note + model number I’m trying to confirm that it will or will not work with Republic Wireless - SM-N975UZSAXAA
Any help is appreciated.

Yes, as long as the model ends in “XAA” and is genuinely that model (there are a lot of fakers out there when sold by 3rd parties), it will work with Republic.

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Thank you for the prompt response once again. The phone is from Best Buy so I know it can be returned within 14 days but didn’t want to go through the ordering process if it wasn’t going to work from the get-go. Thanks again.

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