Push notifications - how do I stop them?


Can anyone advise me on how to stop getting messages on my phone about nearby restaurants or videos to watch? The messages look like a window for a wifi signal, but they advertise something that is described in more detail on the screen to the left.

I have a Moto X Pure.

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This sounds like something coming from an app you installed. The next time the notification comes up, hold your finger down on it until a pop-up occurs. In that pop-up you’ll find the app that is originating the notifications and then can either remove that app, block notifications from the app or change the app settings to stop doing that.


Thank you!


P.S. I’ve tried pressing down on it but it only opens to the content. Maybe I’m not holding it down right. I’ll try again.


I just tested on my end, and on my Moto G4 holding my finger on the notification pops up the app information.


Thanks again!!


You can turn off notifications for the app, should you want to keep that app. This should block the ads from popping up.

Sound & Notifications
App Notifications
Find the app, tap on it and you can Block All

OR go to Settings
Tap on the app
Tap on Notifications
and you can set it to Block All


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