Putting SIMS card in Moto G (1st Gen)

Hello, my daughter crushed her screen on her Moto G (1st gen) phone. Cost cost to repair the screen is about as much as it would cost to buy and unlocked Moto G (1st gen) phone. I was wondering if i could take the SIMS card from her phone and put it in the new phone. Thank you.

Hi @jennifers.6sgfhg

The Moto G 1st Gen. on RW is a CDMA device that is not capable of accessing the 4G network, therefore, it does not have a SIM card. SIM cards on CDMA devices is used solely to access 4G, unlike it’s GSM counterparts.

Additionally, RW’s G1’s are ‘locked’ to RW due to it’s proprietary software.

Moto G (1st Gen.) Overview

SIM Card

No SIM card slot

“The Moto G (1st Gen.) is a 3G-capable smartphone. **4G is not available for this device, **regardless of mobile provider”.

edit: Here is a link to Swappa.com that has RW locked phones for sale. If staying with a G1, I would strongly suggest a 16GB model…


Hope this helps.

The answer above is correct, but TL;DR: You can’t use an unlocked Moto G1 with Republic.

In case you meant to say…buy a used Republic Wireless version of the Moto G1

or for that matter…any of the Republic Wireless custom phones (Moto X1,X2,G1, G3, E1 or E2)

from third party resellers such as Ebay or Swappa.

Then you can definitely do so and activate such a phone as a replacement to the broken G1.

Any of these used phones will allow her to keep her existing plan.

Reactivating My Republic Phone

See here for additional info.

Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones

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