Puzzling Caller ID

I received a call that was identified on my extend home phone as Altay Kaan. The same call was identified on my Republic cell phone as Nicholas Maurice Ponti. (I’m not familiar with either name.) How is it that I get these two different IDs?

Republic doesn’t provide a name to your Cell phone when a call comes in. Any name you might have seen there would be coming from a 3rd party such as the Samsung Dialer, some spam filter you’ve installed or something else like that. Because of that one name (on the Extend Home) is coming from the database Republic uses and on the cell phone, from whatever database the app that’s providing the number is using. Because there are numerous databases of names out there, and no uniform way or frequency that they are updated, this can happen.


I don’t know anything about the Samsung Dialer. I do note that some of my calls (but not all) have a SMART icon before the ID. This just started happening recently, but I did not request it or download anything.

Built in to Samsung phones: Smart Call | Apps – The Official Samsung Galaxy Site

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OK. I didn’t realize that. Some calls are labeled “Suspected Spam,” and that’s what they generally are. I usually answer calls on my home phone, so I don’t see that message before answering…

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