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What phone do you have? Moto g5 +
What plan are you on? $30.00 one
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Both

Generating a QR code for a Republic phone so I can transfer data from a broken phone to the new one

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I just received a new MOTO G5+ as the old one fell in the toilet and I didn’t get all the water out so it’s starting to damage installed apps and battery discharges very fast. I received the new phone today but can’t seem to generate a QR code on the old one that will read list of installed apps so they can go the the new phone. The only QR generators I’ve tried want you to type in text. Is there a way to get one of them to generate app list on old phone?


You should be able to set up the new phone by using the Nearby Device feature. https://phoneradar.com/how-to-transfer-data-to-a-new-android-phone-with-set-up-nearby-device-feature/ It has worked well for me recently. Sorry I don’t have anything to help with your QR question.


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If you use the same Gmail on the account of the phone most will transfer on its own except texts.


If I recall correctly the Moto migrate app used a QR code if NFC was not available, this app is not supported pass lollipop OS [5.1.1]
Apps should be transferred as long as you use the same Google account [3rd party app store should have a similar feature to down load again]
The best practice is in the link that @bocephous posted

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