Quality of WiFi Service on 5.0 Plan

Will the seamless wifi calling we’ve become accustomed to on RW be exactly the same on a 5.0 Plan with a compatible wifi phone?

Hi @rjfp - one of the FAQ’s has some informaion that addresses your question.

The 5.0 plans do not use Republic’s proprietary Wi-Fi calling technology. In fact, the 5.0 plans do not require the use of a standalone Republic Wireless app.

The 5.0 plans do allow Wi-Fi calling as supported through our network partner. Phones must support this functionality and have the Wi-Fi calling setting enabled in the phone’s settings menu.

Here’s a link to the list of 5.0 compatible phones in case you’re thinking about using your current phone(s). I would recommend that you wait a while and let RW work some kinks out of the transfer process if you’re planning to switch your existing RW service to the 5.0 plan.

Hope this helps!


Thanks. I do understand that wifi calling will be available with a compatible phone on the 5.0 plan and not use RW’s technology. My question goes to the quality of the wifi calling. For instance, our phones under RW wifi would transfer seamlessly from wifi to cell when we left the wifi signal and vice versa. Is this true on 5.0? And how about the quality of the voice connection while using wifi? Does anyone at this point have enough experience to answer these questions?

Yes calls will still transition between WiFi and cell (LTE).

5.0 launched just over two weeks ago, so no, there hasn’t been much time for your fellow members to do extensive testing on voice quality. What I can say is in limited testing Republic 5.0 WiFi calling on my home WiFi network sounds fine to my ear.

Does it transfer from wifi to cell when you leave wifi?

thanks. I see you answered the transfer question.

Yes it does and yes I did. :slightly_smiling_face: No worries.

Thanks to a friend who allowed me to play with his VoLTE/wifi enabled phone on the ATT network. I was not impressed… Usable but a little clunky.

Thanks. That was my concern.

Can you help me understand this? It’s not like wifi calling has a user interface to be clunky. What is it is that you find clunky? I ask as someone that has their primary cell phone directly with AT&T and where I spend my days in buildings that are built like bunkers and often on one conversation will go from cell in my car, to wifi on the main floor, to a different wifi in another area in the building back to cellular walking to the building behind it, back to wifi in the rear building, etc etc, all day long. In over a year I haven’t noticed the handoffs and I find the call quality to be just as good (and frankly sometimes better) as anything that is delivered on my Republic cell phone for wifi calls.