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Still my first month here. Just curious, will I be sent a bill in the mail, email, or?

Happy with the service so far. Will be adding my wife’s phone soon.

Republic’s plans are auto-pay. On the same date of the month you activated you’ll be billed for your next month. That’s not very clear, what I mean is if you activated on December 3rd, you’ll be billed on the 3rd of every month moving forward. You’ll receive your monthly invoice by email or can view them here:

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In addition to the information provided by @louisdi, here is an extract from the FAQ on the Plans page

When do I pay my bill every month?
Payments are made on your bill cycle date, which is determined by the date you activate your first line of service on your account. You can look up your bill cycle date in the My Account portal or in the Republic Wireless App.


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