Question about blocking Android 10 update

Android 10 is coming soon to US unlocked G7.

I need to block the update from downloading until I’m ready to do the update. Is there any way to do that? Can I disable a sys level app to block the download?

I think on G6 on android 8 there was some app you could disable to block the update and the notification.

Hi @briha

Here is a article from “Lifehacker” that should help:

I have checked it out already. Its for samsung phones. Thanks for trying dude :wink:

Maybe this will work. I’m not sure if this is only for the notifications or if it will actually halt the update:

Thanks for the link. It’ll stop the notifications. But update will probably get downloaded in the background and then installed when the phone is restarted.

Hi @briha,

The method for turning off Automatic system updates in Developer options in the article linked by @SuperT works on a household Moto G6 Play (as close as I’m able to come to a Moto G7) running Android 9 Pie. As your G7 is currently running Pie, I expect it would work on your phone as well.

That said, I’m unconvinced Motorola will respect that indefinitely. Manufacturer’s work very hard to keep their phones updated (while they’re offering updates). They do so because of the security implications of running older software. I appreciate where you’re coming from and the method is certainly worth a shot. Hopefully, it will, at least, buy you sufficient time to assess Android 10. For what it’s worth, I’ve had multiple phones running Android 9 Pie update to Android 10. A10 is by no means a radical change from Pie.

I don’t mind getting a new OS. I have to prep for factory reset after the update. So that’s a huge hassle. I wanna postpone it for a little while. I don’t think manufacturer would have a problem with it if an user managed to block the update.

edit: I just realized dev options has the auto updates option. I have unchecked it. I saw that option before but somehow didn’t realize that its for this. Corona lockdown is making the mind sluggish.

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