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Hi all! I’ve been with RW for about 1 1/2 years, and am on the old Refund Plan. I’m really wanting to upgrade my phone (currently Moto E2) to a Moto G5s plus or the Moto X4. For my zip code, (43516), it says BYOP is not available. I mostly run off of WiFi at home, and see that it is available in the larger areas that I use it in. Best advice? I would like to save some money by bringing my own phone that I would most likely buy on eBay, but ultimately the best service is more important. Would I be much better off just buying from Republic? Thanks so much, and have a blessed day!

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my advice is to try the BYOD SIM and see how the coverage is hands on, if that coverage is not acceptable or you feel was it better with the CDMA partner (that the Legacy phone used) then create a ticket and have them analyze your coverage by giving them a few (3 or 4) address you will be using the phone around)
If Republic agrees that you would be better served by a different partner they will send out a new SIM
Both these phones can be converted by support


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I agree with @drm186. This list makes it easy to find out which models work on both CDMA and GSM.


Be careful buying from ebay. Only phones that are/were originally sold unlocked are supported by RW. Make sure you get one that exactly matches the ones on the list of supported phones.

The G5s+ and the X4 are sold unlocked but I believe there is also a Google Fi version of the X4 that wouldn’t work on RW.

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This is NOT True Republic Supports the Android one version of the Moto X4 (the one only sold by Google for Project Fi)


OK. Good to know.


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