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Hello, I am currently using an unreliable internet provider, and may receive constant interruptions (at&t). With the $15 plan, will i have cell service at all times even when I have no internet access, or would the $20 plan be required? Thank You.


On the $15.00 plan your phone will only have data when your ISP is delivering data. On the $20.00 plan your cell carrier will deliver data (presuming your aren’t roaming) when your ISP isn’t delivering data.

I could give you a better answer if I knew your ZIP code.


Hi @locojuan

You do not need a data plan to make and receive phone calls, you only need a cellular connection. Unlimited Talk and Text is included in the $15 base plan, irregardless of a WiFi connection.

As @billg suggested, if your willing to post your zip code we can give you a better idea of coverage in your area.


To address the question about my zip code, I would be using service in rio linda (95673), and around Sacramento of course. Also would this work while traveling on the road?


Hi locojuan
Yes your zip should be good all around the area Iam in 95951 zip an travel down in that part of the world quiet a bit an around Sac area I have a Moto5G+ and is been great Iam in a rural area to an it came as cdma equip. Check your RW coverage checker an see how/or what it tells you for coverage.
Please let us know what phone you have it would help a lot.


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