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I opened a service ticket for one of the phones on my account which is not working at all.

The phone in question is for my inlaws who are on the east coast while I am on the west coast, so I have replied to the ticket with a delay. The phone still has no service and today when I went to add a message to the ticket I found that the ticket has been closed, presumably because I have been replying with too long of a delay due to not having the phone in my own hands.

I’ve always read here that it’s best not to open a new ticket because that will put you to the back of the line. However, even though the website still shows the option to add a comment to the existing closed ticket, today when I typed a message and clicked the “submit your response” button my message did not get added to the ticket.

So here’s my question: Do I need to open a new ticket?


Short answer is yes and please reference the closed ticket number when doing so. Your astute observation regarding it previously being best practice to reply on the existing closed ticket is spot on. This is a recent change.

How long has the phone in question been without service? Depending on that, if you wish, please share old and new ticket numbers and perhaps I can make inquiries with support on your behalf.


Thank you for the announcement of the change.


Announcements are not my gig. A fellow member raised the question, so I answered to the best of my ability.

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Hi @grampa,

If a ticket shows “Solved” you can still reply to it. If it shows “closed” you cannot. Even support cannot re-open a “closed” ticket.

Tickets do close on their own after a period of time, because so few people will follow up to say a solution has been reached.

A ticket that was pending your reply should have sent you a reminder before closing. If you need more time when your ticket is pending, simply reply to let us know you need the ticket to stay open a little longer.

If your ticket is now closed, please do open a new ticket, indicate that it is a follow-up ticket, and give the number of the previous ticket. That way our support team can quickly catch up on the context and avoid asking you the same questions again.


Thanks @rolandh,

It’s been almost 2 weeks but at this point I have decided to ask my Father Inlaw to mail the phone to me so that I can try to deal with it myself and then send it back after I hopefully get it fixed. However there’s no point for me to open another ticket right now because I’ll be traveling on business next week but I will return to this issue in about 2 weeks or so. If I need more help at that time, I’ll be sure to return to this thread and share the ticket number(s).

Thanks again.


Thanks @southpaw


Add your response

Is this the change rolandh mentioned?

Previously did adding a response to a closed ticket reopen it?




this change happen about the time the ticket management moved to the account portal.

the main reason for this change was to stop people from reopening old tickets for unrelated new questions/issues

the best announcement of this was here (a few months back)

before this a ticket could be reopen by simply replying to the closed ticket (ideal if same issue came back or was closed wrongly)

it is a bad ideal to have multiple tickets open for the same issue but if dealing with more than 1 unrelated issues it ok to have more than 1 ticket

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Thanks for the timeline and now understand the reasoning thanks to your links. Thought I remembered being able to reopen a closed ticket in the past. Brain cells not all gone yet.

Seems like it would be a good ideal to announce some of the website changes in the Announcements & News section occasionally.


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No. The software we use does not allow a “closed” ticket to be re-opened, period.

It would create a follow-up ticket that referenced the previous ticket. Something we are now asking that you do manually.

People were using the option as a shortcut to create new tickets for unrelated events, and that caused those new tickets to be improperly sent to the wrong teams. If your previous ticket was, “Why is my bill 32 cents higher this month?” it went to the billing team as a fairly low-priority ticket. If you then have a new issue of “I can’t make calls or send texts” and it goes back to the billing team as low-priority because it is wrongly set up as a continuation of the 32-cent ticket, then it’s going to take a lot longer to get that urgent issue resolved than it should.

If this was meant as sarcasm, please understand that we continuously adjust how we handle support tickets as we examine reports and look for ways to improve. We do not announce these changes.


@southpaw, How long after the last response will a ticket close automatically?


Hi @grampa,

That can depend on how the ticket has been set, based on what you and the agents are working on. If we’ve sent instructions and are waiting for a confirmation they solved the issue, then usually the ticket will close after 48 hours, with a warning at 24 hours. But we reserve the right to change that up, so if anyone is reading this tomorrow, next week, next month, or a gazillion years from now, please know that our timing for closing tickets may have changed.

If the member has indicated a need for additional time, like, “I’m busy this weekend and won’t be able to try that until Tuesday” or “I’d like to test this a few days before we assume it’s fixed” then we can set the ticket to close out on a longer delay.

It won’t close out based on time if you’ve replied and it’s our turn.

Is there a specific reason you’re asking? Is there something I can help with?

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Hi @southpaw,
For the benefit of anyone in the future looking at this thread with service tickets in mind, I don’t want to clog it up with my current issue, but maybe there is something you could help with on anohter thread Need help with Legacy RW phone that won’t activate

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