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I am shortly planning on moving 3 kids over to RW. My plan is to purchase 3x the new Moto E4 and put them on $15 wifi only plans unless they want to pony up their own funds for cell data access.

I stumbled over the Influencer Program information and wondered if it was acceptable for me to sign up for the program with the first phone account and then use that to get $30 off each of the next phones? I will be adding a 4th phone in a year for my youngest child.

Any issues with doing this? Can I use a co-worker who is already on RW as the “Influencer” for my first account and then use my 1st account to “Influence” my 2nd and 3rd account (and 4th account later)?

Thanks in advance for any answers.


The influencer program is not a friends/family program but rather for publishers who have an established online presence and talk about Republic service in their blogs or on their sites, etc.

Republic does have a Referral program in beta right now, but it’s not possible to sign-up at this time. You can learn more about that program here: Meet Republic Referrals (BETA)

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Got it. Thanks for the quick reply.

$99 for a Moto E4 is still a good price for an entry level phone. My kids are coming from Moto E (2nd gen) on AT&T Go Phones so they will enjoy the upgrade.

Appreciate the answer. Referral programs are always good but I completely understand the desire to structure it so that it is useful to your business model and not just a way to make it a multi-level spam fest! :slight_smile:


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