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I recently read an article about the upcoming “re-emergence” of the popular Nokia 3310 phone - a phone I used to have way back when. according to the article, the 3310 is not yet available in the states but it might be available sometime in the mid-to-later part of 2017.

this made me wonder . . . i’ve been a republic customer for a couple of years now and I enjoy the pricing - i’m not a data hog; i’m just a voice/text user pretty much, and my current republic plan is just right for me. having a so-called “smart phone” doesn’t really mean as much to me as it might to other users.

having said all that, here’s the question: Does Republic have any plans to offer the 3310 as a republic phone in the near future?

thanks for listening

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To work with Republic, the phone would have to use the Android Marshmallow or higher operating system so it can use the Republic Wireless app.

I don’t see Republic ever using the phone.

Thanks - I was just curious.

Hi @nolanb.yootcb,

@marshallh is correct. Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service is enabled by an app. That app requires a smartphone operating system (currently Android 6 Marshmallow or later for new phones).

The new Nokia 3310 runs an updated version of the original’s Nokia Series 30+ operating system, which is anything but a smartphone operating system. Getting Republic’s app on the 3310 is an impossibility. On the plus side, the new 3310 does have an updated version of Snake.

The 3310 truly was a great phone in its’ day. For nostalgia alone, I’d be tempted to purchase one but for serious use, the 3310’s day has come and gone.

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Also note from what the tech blogs have reported there no WiFi so Republic really has no reason to support it

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