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My mother in-law lives in another state and has a phone that’s on my account. It’s a legacy RW Moto X 1st Gen phone that’s on the legacy Republic Wireless 1.0 plan. Her old legacy phone has died and it’s time to order a new one and upgrade her to the Republic Wireless 3.0 “My Choice” plan.

My sister in-law wants to purchase the new phone for my mother in-law to continue using on my RW account as an upgrade to her existing phone.

So here’s my questions:

(1) If my sister in-law orders a new phone from Republic Wireless using HER account, would I then have to order a SIM card in order to activate the phone on MY account?

(2) If the answer to question (1) is yes, then can we order the phone through my RW account and use my sister in-law’s credit card for that purchase without removing my credit card from the account for the recurring monthly use charges?

(3) Our goal is for my sister in-law to pay for the phone, but for me to continue paying for the service. What’s the best/easiest way to accomplish that?

Thanks in advance for your helpful advice.

No, these days phones ordered from Republic’s online store are free agents until activated. They may be ordered from one account, then activated on another. All phones ordered at Republic’s online store include a preinstalled SIM. The one caveat is should you need to return the phone during Republic’s 14-day money back guarantee period, doing so would need to be initiated from your sister-in-law’s account rather than yours.

Have your sister-in-law buy the phone on her account and ship to the appropriate location. When received and once past initial phone setup (follow onscreen prompts for that), activate it as a replacement for your mother-in-law’s Moto X1 as described by Republic here: How to Activate a Replacement Phone – Republic Help.


Thank you @rolandh. As usual you are very helpful. IMHO, you should get a paycheck from RW for your great service here on the community discussion board.


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