Question about phones


Well I am a current customer and am thinking about getting a new phone and have not decided on which one to get yet. But I had a question on whether or not certain phones would be supported. Since it is no longer a custom rom that is being used and just an ap that can be downloaded from the store. Shouldn’t this enable it to be used on just about any phone as long as it is running a stock version of android (no mods installed on it) since the commands of the software just communicate to android to tell the phones hardware to do certain things. Unless the software was written in such a way that it was bypassing the android operating system itself this should theoretically work. I just wanted to ask this before I went out and bought a phone.


Hi @johnm.64jear,

You’re correct that Republic’s blended service is now handled entirely within its’ 3.0 app, no Android operating system modifications required. That said, Republic’s unique blended WiFi/cell service (sufficiently unique to be patented) still isn’t purely traditional cellular service. For that reason, Republic supports a specific subset of Android phones. More here:


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