Question about Porting a number from Verizon Landline to Republic Wireless

I currently have a line on my RW account which is used by my inlaws who live far away, and they want to port their Verizon Landline number to their Republic Wireless phone.

I checked their number and the RW website says that it can be ported, but on the webpage to apply for the port, it has a required field which asks for the “Provider Name” from where the number is coming from. There is a drop-down menu of providers to select from which includes Verizon Wireless and Verizon Wireless Prepaid, but there is no option for Verizon Landline.

I looked up the number on, and they have it listed as “Verizon Virginia, Inc.”

My question: Which option should I choose in the drop-down menu?

Hi @grampa,

At the very bottom of the list, you’ll see “Other”. Choose that. I’m also going to guess Verizon Landline doesn’t use a PIN (most landline carriers don’t). If that’s the case, use 1111 or 0000 as a placeholder.

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We are finally ready to port the number. I entered all of the requested information and after clicking on the final confirmation link, it went to a screen that says “Fetching port information” with a scrolling Repbulic Wireless green arch. However, at the bottom left corner there is a message that says “Our servers are having issues right now. This issue should be resolved shortly. Please wait a moment and try again.”

I don’t know what I should do now. I am afraid to that if I “try again” that it might interfere with the port request that I just submitted.

Hi @grampa,

Please check the transfer status as described by Republic here:

Do you see anything there? Did you receive an email from Republic indicating the transfer request submission was successful?

Also, are you still wanting to hold onto the 1.0 plan? That requires special handling?

Thanks Roland,

Thanks for your response.

Last night it was already late so I just went to bed and leff the computer on without further interacting with that webpage with the error message on the bottom left corner. When I woke up today that page had changed to another message that my account was logged out due to inactivity. When I check my account today, there’s a message next to that phone line that my Number Transfer has been accepted and says it’s supposed to happen at 11:30am on December 2nd (I assume that’s East Coast Time).

So for right now everything seems to be working. I’ll just keep my finders crossed until Monday :crossed_fingers:

This service line is used by my inlaws and I do want to keep the 1.0 plan on this line, but the special handling in the my other thread is only necessary if they want to keep their current RW number by porting it to Google Voice before porting their landline number to RW, and it turns out that they don’t care about losing the current RW number so I’m not going to go through all the extra hassle to save it for them.

Thanks again.


My Port was succesfuly completed on Monday, and everything has been working correctly.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to my questions.


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