Question about Porting In and Porting Out without losing RW 1.0 Plan

One of the lines on my account belongs to my Inlaws and they want to port their landline number to their RW phone that they currently have, which will cause them to lose the phone number that’s currently assigned to their RW phone. I was thinking that they could keep both numbers by porting their RW phone number to Google Voice and having Google Voice forward calls to their landline number which will be ported to the RW phone.

Their RW phone is currently on the Republic 1.0 plan, and my question is this: What steps should I take (and in what order) to accomplish the switching of phone numbers as described above in my 1st paragraph while still keeping their RW phone line on the Republic 1.0 plan?

The reason I ask is because I can’t figure out how to do this without their RW service line being automatically cancelled when the number ports to Google Voice, and then if I start a new service line with RW to port in their landline, that number would be on the 2.0 plan. My inlaws regularly travel out of the USA and the Republic 1.0 plan is much more convenient for switching back and forth between the $5 WiFi-only plan and the $10 WiFi-plus-Cell plan.

You’ll want to open a ticket and ask staff to set the line to be given a new number upon the port completion, rather than canceling. They’ll get that set-up for you and once completed you’ll be able to do what you like without issue.

Hi @grampa,

Before opening that ticket, please note that Google Voice does not accept Republic Wireless phone numbers or landline phone numbers.


Not that it changes what you want to do, but I’m not following how the 1.0 plan is “more convenient” since the 2.0 plan also offers the $5 Wi-Fi only and $10 talk and text options. We’d still much rather see you keep the line active than canceling it and having to go through a re-activation.


Hi Southpaw

Thanks for reminding me of that. To work around that, I guess I’d have to port from Republic Wireless to a cheap T-Mobile sim card first and then port from there to Google Voice.

The reason why I think that the 1.0 plan is more convenient because it can switch from the $10 plan to the $5 plan any time you want, while the 2.0 plan makes you wait until the end of the billing cycle to make that switch. At least that was my understanding of how it worked a couple years ago. Has that changed since then?

Thanks @louisdi!

For what it’s worth, I wrote this that more or less provides a step-by-step for getting a Republic number to Google Voice: Transferring a Republic Number to a Service Provider That Refuses Landlines.

I used to suggest using a T-Mobile SIM there but then they became difficult to source locally, so I suggested using a Ting SIM as they were readily available at Best Buy. Now, that seems to be changing. If unable to source a Ting SIM locally, T-Mobile SIMs do remain available at Amazon.


Thanks @rolandh,

After @southpaw reminded me that Google Voice refuses to accept Republic Wireless numbers I remembered that article (I should have given you credit :wink:).and I was thinking about that when I wrote my response about T-mobile.

I’m not sure if we’re going to end up doing the ports to keep the number or not (it’s really up to my father in-law), but it’s still good to get the question answered.

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