Question about return policy for a phone ordered on January 1 but stuck in limbo

I’ve given up hope on receiving a meaningful update on the status of the new phone I ordered on January 1, and am going to move on from Republic Wireless. Since I am unable to cancel the order, does anyone know if, once it arrives, I can just return it unopened for a refund, no questions asked? Right now my most urgent need is to replace the phone

Hi @markl.tmwhwv,

Yes, once the order arrives guidance for doing so is linked here:

If for some reason the order doesn’t show in your account as returnable, just go ahead and open a ticket requesting the return.

There were yet more glitches that may have specifically impacted your order. My understanding is Republic is manually getting those orders out with expedited delivery. Do you have an open ticket regarding order status?

Understood. For what it’s worth, depending upon the reason for the need to replace your phone, it may be possible to source a compatible phone locally.

I do have an open ticket and also had a chat with someone from support on Friday. The message was that RW is working through orders manually, and that my order would go out in “48 hours” and then, from that point, arrive in “three to five business days.” Given the overall situation, that sounds more like a “hopefully” than a description of what will actually occur. Plus it makes no sense that, if they are actually working through an urgent backlog that they wouldn’t overnight the phone.

Given everything that seems to be going on, what I really want to do now is just move on from RW. But I’m concerned about losing the money I’ve spent on the new phone (my existing phone died, so in spite of the money I’ve already been charged for the new phone plus what I pay generally for RW service, I have nothing).

Given the experience, I understand where you’re coming from. Please rest assured, once the order is delivered, Republic would arrange a return and refund the purchase price of the phone.

My understanding is they are using expedited shipping. I don’t know if that means overnight but 3-5 business days does seem excessive. May I send you a private message?


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