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I don’t visit this forum very often because of the software it runs, so I only just noticed this. Can you please tell me what part of the guidelines, specifically I violated? Having worked as staff on Internet forums, I know that it can become a (second) full-time job - and that having to perform the same “clean-ups” repeatedly was very annoying, especially on forums that have 150,000+ members. Therefore, a little more information would not only be appreciated by myself… it might eventually be appreciated by you.

It might also help to remind me what my signature was for that message, so that I can understand what the problem was here.


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Hi @burrito,

I’ve moved your question because it was off-topic where it was originally posted.

Our Community Guidelines are here: FAQ/Guidelines - Community Forums

Of them, one asks:

  • Don’t sign your posts — every post has your profile information attached to it.

I appreciate your history and expertise as a forum moderator. Our goals and related policies may vary somewhat from those where you served.

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