Question about the republic wireless sim card kit and phones with different sim card sizes

Hello, I’m helping my mom switch over to republic wireless. She’s using an old galaxy 3 phone, which uses a micro sim card, I’m buying her a newer phone which uses a nano sim card. The republic wireless sim card kit says it is compatible with both sizes, the question is, is it a single card that can fit in either phone or is it two separate sim cards. She wants to transfer all her saved contacts and data from her old phone to the new one but I don’t know if that’s possible if the sim cards are not compatible.

Basically, will she be able to buy the sim card, put it into her phone, and still transfer it over to the new one, or would it be two separate sim cards. Thanks for any help.

The sim card punches out to adjust from larger to smaller. There is no user data stored on the sim card, so nothing to transfer. Your Google account stores that data and will update when you setup the new phone.

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ok, so if I get a new phone and sim card for her, I don’t need to move anything physically from her old phone, correct? So long as she has a google account it will have all her information saved and she can import that into her new phone?


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You can look here while logged into your moms Google account to check that her contacts are safe in the cloud:

And here for photos:

Is there anything else (data wise), you are concerned about moving on her old phone?

Are you purchasing the new phone from Republic? (A SIM will be installed for you so you don’t need the SIM kit.)
If you are sourcing the new phone yourself please keep in mind there are specific models that work with Republic. In that case, we would be happy to confirm that the new phone for your mom will be compatible. :slight_smile:


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