Question about turning a Moto G6 into my entertainment tablet

We just upgraded (yesterday!) from Moto G6s to brand new Moto G Styluses (Stylii?). I would like to use my G6 as my home entertainment/streaming platform, as I did with my previous phone when we upgraded to these. I’ve turned on airplane mode, re-enabled wifi, and have everything set with one exception. I can’t uninstall the Republic app. This means that I keep getting prompted to activate the phone, which I don’t want to do. Is there a way to uninstall the Republic app, or alternatively disable the prompt to activate the phone?

Hi @petej see if this helps.



I followed the directions there but uninstall wasn’t an option. I had open and update as my choices. I disabled the app until I can find another solution.

Hi @petej - here’s a screenshot from my Moto G6 after step 5 of the procedure.

Doing this through the Play store should work. Maybe others will have a suggestion :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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So, I’ve made progress and it looks like your initial suggestion was the solution. I got to the same screen you showed in your screencap, and selected uninstall. After the uninstall completed the play store screen showed Update where the uninstall button was. Rather than press it, I decided to turn the phone off and on again. After the reboot the Republic App appears to be gone.

Thanks for your help, @freddyp

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Generally, to remove the Republic App from a Moto phone, a factory reset is required with no Republic SIM in the phone. If you find that the App comes back, that’s what you’ll need to do.

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Good to know! Thanks for all the help!

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