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Hello everyone!

I want to upgrade my wife’s phone to a Google Pixel 4a for her for a mother’s day gift. She currently has a Moto E4 I think? It’s pretty old. I noticed that the pixel 4a is out of stock at the Republic store but you can get it through Amazon and they sell you a new SIM card with it. The new SIM card looks like a Republic SIM card. Does anyone know if her phone number would have to change if we did it this way? I know in the past when I’ve ordered our phones off the republic store it assigns that phone to that number at checkout. I know she’s not interested in changing her number. So I just want to make sure before I order it. Any help that anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @robertv.lq00cn and welcome to the Community!

There would be no need for your wife to change her number merely because a compatible phone is sourced elsewhere. Would you happen to have a link to share to the bundle (phone and SIM) at Amazon? With that, we would be able to confirm compatibility and provide next steps.

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Hi @rolandh,

I think @robertv.lq00cn is looking at the Amazon link on the Republic Wireless Pixel 4a page. (Since it’s an affiliate link, I’m not going to post the link itself.) The phone and SIM card are bundled together for convenience, and our marketing team has worked with our support team to be sure they are linking to a compatible phone.

@robertv.lq00cn, now we assign the phone number during activation, not during the purchase, and the activation menu will also allow you to move an existing number to the new phone. You just need to be certain you log into the RW app (after installing it on the phone) with the same Republic account credentials used for the account that houses your wife’s current phone number.

Easier yet, you can remove the Republic SIM card from the Amazon order and simply move her existing SIM card to the new phone (I’ve checked to be sure that will work for her phone.)

That’s a very nice mother’s day gift!

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