Question about using a Moto X series phone

purchased motox 2017 need to activate with new carrier …wont function …is it locked? how can i resolve issue???

The Moto X 2017 is typically known as the Moto X 4th generation. Is this what you have? What is the model number? Where did you buy it? Are you trying to activate it with Republic Wireless?

If you purchased a Moto X 4th generation phone from Republic Wireless it would not be locked.

Hi @lonniep.t8i4nn Welcome to the Republic Community. Other than the legacy Republic specific versions of the Moto Defy, X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 and E2 all the phones that work with Republic are factory unlocked, meaning they aren’t, have never been, and can’t be, locked.

That said, nnot all phones are compatible with all carriers and not all carrier accept all compatible phones. We regularly see AT&T and Verizon reject phones that are technically compatible but they haven’t “whitelisted” them on their side for access to things like Wifi calling, visual voicemail, VoLTE calling etc.

Certain specific companies like Visible, have a specific small list of compatible phones (like Republic).

So, all that to say, unless you have one of the legacy Republic phones sold prior to mid-2016, the phone is factory unlocked and able to be used with any carrier that will accept it.

thank you for your timely reply…i purchased this unit from republic after i shattered my other moto x …i went to prison for 5 years and upon release cannot afford to restart service w/republic i have to roach up on my brothers tello account website says phone is compatible factory reset and cannot shake republic, still showing republic as sim and network

Hi @lonniep.t8i4nn,

My apologies for the obvious question. Have you removed the Republic SIM and replaced it with Tello’s SIM?

Have you removed the Republic SIM and replaced it with the necessary SIM from Tello?
On your Moto X4, go into Settings, search for SIM, and select SIM status … it probably still shows Republic. With the Republic SIM removed from my X4, my SIM Status changes to ‘Not available’
ETA: Sorry for the partially redundant response, got sidetracked and @rolandh beat me to the draw

i have tried that and no dice tello is telling me the device is locked and republic customer service wont answer my contact requests because i have no money for them… as long as i was paying for two lines i received rapid response now i m in a bind im invisible thanks for helping, sim card out status says republic

@lonniep.t8i4nn There are no locked Republic phones so what you’re being told is just plain wrong.

Let’s double-check the model phone you have to see if we can’t track down what’s going on. If you go to Settings – About Phone – Model what exactly does it say there.

phone status…no sim in the phone says…under sim status…NETWORK REPUBLIC…moto x 2nd generation…

Please verify that the SIM card you removed actually says Republic on it and your phone either shows not available or tello as jben requested above. Some people are sometimes confused between sim cards and sdcards.

Unfortunately, these legacy phones (Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 & E2) aren’t able to be used with any other network. In addition, they soon won’t be able to be used anywhere as the technology they use is being turned off by the network owners. I’m afraid that while the phone isn’t technically locked, Tello is right, it can’t be used with them (or really anywhere other than Republic, and even here, only for a short while longer).

the phone had no card in it when i returned home from prison ,i know ihad used a verizon sim for a while out of a throwaway phone and had no issues there has been no card in it for a while

i see and thats fine republic could have replied hours ago ,its fine my brother just ordered me a phone from amazon and i will be using tello for 6.00 $ a month thanks for helping and republic should thank you for actually doing their job ,again thank you very much to all who replied …hello tello :smile:


Hi @lonniep.t8i4nn,

Thank you for bringing your question to our Member Community. It’s a great place to get help with questions that don’t require account access or technical intervention.

I assure you that our Help Team was not ignoring you or delaying their response to you for any personal reasons. Questions are prioritized according to some very strict rules intended to insure that those with the most urgent situations get quick attention.

We value all our members, both current and past, and I see that our Help Team did respond to your ticket this evening.

Thank you for your time with Republic Wireless. We hope you’ll keep us in mind in case we might be able to serve you in the future. I’m glad you have a very kind brother helping you out and I wish you all the best as you transition back into society.


So. We have a Moto G1 on the original $10 plan that we use as a “home phone”. With this phone soon to be no longer supported, I do have a recently retired X4 that I could activate to replace the G1, but not happy about doubling the price for the same service. Will there be a ‘grandfather’ price for people who transfer a call and text only service from one of these models (Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 & E2)? I’d even be willing to go to a Wi-Fi only plan (like the old $5 plan) if I could keep it at $10.


Candidly, I do not know and Republic may not yet have made any decisions regarding the possibility of discounted service for those using older legacy phones, which ultimately cannot be supported once T-Mobile shuts down the legacy Sprint network these phones depend on. I would point out Republic has yet to make an announcement regarding how T-Mobile’s eventual sunset of Sprint’s legacy network will impact Republic members and how such impact might be mitigated. My instinct on that would be it’s worth waiting and seeing.

If it comes to that, there are app based WiFi only (VoIP) options other than Republic service. Google Voice is a well-known possibility. Getting a Republic number to Google Voice is a hassle but possible. Google Voice does charge a one-time port in fee of $20 but there are, generally no ongoing monthly charges for calls to/from U.S. and Canadian numbers.

Another possibility would be Sideline. It’s easy (much easier than porting a Republic number to Google Voice) to port a Republic number to Sideline, however, Sideline does charge $10/month for ongoing service.

Bottom line, I’d sit tight for now and see what Republic might offer knowing that, if needed, there are other options.

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