Question of the Week (1): Paired gadgets


What’s the most useful gadget you have that pairs with your phone?


image :smile:




Chrysler Pacifica

JBL Clip Bluetooth speaker (on the go)

LED Wireless Light Bulb Speaker (for music around the house)

All weekend battery life with the ncipio OffGrid Power Pack Battery Moto Mod


and and


I need these light bulb speakers asap! Is the sound quality good?



They sound good to me but I’m not an an audiophile,
the main reason I got them is out Moto Z2 Play where not as loud as the old Moto X and I did not want to keep changing my portable speaker when working around the house


Confession: Although I work in tech and love a lot of the new products coming out., I am paranoid about having one of these in my home. It makes me think of that Denzel Washington movie Deja vu where they could see into everyone’s homes :scream:


that would be the view
or spot
or look


Yikes!! I’ll pass on all of these for sure. :scream::no_entry_sign:


That’s why I don’t have an Alexa or Google Home device. Probably an irrational fear, seeing that the phone itself may be the most capable tracking/spy device in the world.


Is anyone using the Motorola Keylink? Would anyone like to try one and let us know what you think?

I don’t know @shannono… I just had to admit to our IT team that I’m too paranoid to “sign in” to the Chrome browser, but I have really enjoyed having Google Home in my house. I really like being able to change the thermostat without ever leaving my chair. The light fixtures are next…


I have used a Mini Power Link which has the Keylink feature built in to it.
the keylink may work better as it would me less bulky
it would cause the phone to ring by holding the button down (and I could ring my keys from my phone)
I have stop using it as I went though the power cycle the battery is pretty much dead at this point (I would have to charge it daily just for the key link functions
another drawback of the power pack is it bulky on a key-chain and it’s weight would cause it to disconnect from the chain

Motorola Keylink

Chrome is scary too! I can see the perks of it, but I just think about the day when the computers start to take over the world :rofl: I’ve probably been watching too much sci-fi tv


I wanted to get one of these for my wife, but after reading the reviews on Amazon decided it wasn’t worth the cost to try.


already happen in 1970


Would it be worth the effort to try at no cost? :wink:


No cost is right in my price range. I can use my NCAA pool winnings ($0).