Question of the Week (10): Summer vacation

We’re always inspired by your savings stories. In the past we’ve had members share how saving with Republic has helped them save up for their honeymoon or home repairs, you name it!

Now we’d like to hear from you. How has paying less on your cell phone bill with Republic helped you save for summer vacation?


as I stated in the past I paying about the same as before I join Republic but Republic lets me have a Smart Phone with data for about the same cost as a dumb phone on blue deathstar network.

as leadership in the cub scouts we teach the Scout Law which includes a “Scout is thrifty” so we are keeping our summer trips low key

1st up is an overnight on a Submarine ( which will be followed by a day at an amusement park near by (

we will also attend a 3 day scout camp (day camp) and as he just gone up in rank (Webelos I) he will be doing a 3 night camp later this summer)

there will also be long weekends spent at my parents cabin in the woods near Newberry Mi.

there will be at least 1 weekend spent on Lake Erie at in-laws cottage in Ontario Canada


1st up is an overnight on a Submarine ( 1) which will be followed by a day at an amusement park near by (

Overnight on a submarine sounds like a cool experience!

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well the scouts are looking forward to this weekend and it’s not something we do very often (it fact the only reason it was on the table this year was strong popcorn sales over the last couple of years so the pack can cover some of the cost)

Saving on our cell phone bill has helped us save for a house. Our vacation this summer will be moving from our apartment into a house. A yard, loads more space, and a new neighborhood to explore. What fun!


If your overnight on a submarine is anything like my overnight in the Hall of Dinosaurs at the Field Museum of Natural History, you’re going to be really tired when you get to the amusement park.


No one ever sleeps well on these overnights, for safety reasons lights need to be on, and background noise is usually high

I had a text from a friend asking if I wanted to take a trip up to Cape Cod from CT, but I couldn’t go next week. I asked if the house was free right now, and it was, so I drove up the other night to spend a few days here. Got to catch the glorious sunset tonight.


Gorgeous sunset! Feeling very jealous right now :slight_smile:

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I filled my gas tank for my return trip home tomorrow. For the 340 mile round trip, I guess it cost me $42. I’m very grateful for my $17+change phone bill! Though I might treat myself to a gig of data and try out Google Maps with traffic. I usually use HERE WeGo offline, but had a detour on the way up that messed me all up. I don’t wanna leave my little home away from home! A Cape at the Cape.


My wife and I are using the BOATLOAD of money we have saved to help pay for a 25th wedding anniversary to Hawaii! One week each on Maui and Kauai.
The RW bills over the years (member since Sept 2012 beta) have certainly helped!
It has been comical to watch the other carriers try and copycat RW in pricing, plans, and features…I’m sticking with RW who led the way!
Looking forward to some R&R, and I’m going to take RW’s advice about screen time and probably uninstall the app that sends my work e-mail to my phone.
Thank you Republic! Keep on rockin’ the industry!


@kmac, make sure to see the Waimea canyon on Kauai! If you follow the road to the top (after passing the canyon lookouts), there is a picturesque lookout that can provide some stunning pictures of the side of the Na Pali coast Additionally, If you are looking for a nice beach, Lumahai beach is beautiful-just be warned that the sand can get extremely hot (so hot you have to run up and down to the water). Also be advised that there is a steep (but extremely short) hike to get to it. I don’t know when you are going, but, as of a few days ago, it was closed due to some extreme flooding earlier this year. You may also want to visit Poipu beach because you can often see sea turtles and/or monk seals there (the beach itself is often very busy). Enjoy your trip!

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