Question of the week (11): Gifts for Dad


This upcoming Sunday is Father’s Day and I’m looking for the perfect gift.

My Dad isn’t very “techy”, he’s more of the work in the yard type. I bought him his first smartphone (with Republic of course) a few years ago and he loves it. Now, he’s asking about other tech products like smartwatches. I don’t think he’s ready for a smartwatch but I do want to get him another gadget he’ll enjoy using.

So, I figured who better to ask than our savvy RW Community. What are some great tech gifts for Dad $100 or less and what makes the product stand out?


Steak. Prime steak.


lol wasn’t expecting steak as an anwser, but I am taking him out for lunch so I’ll keep that in mind too :wink:


a smart speaker (or just a Bluetooth speaker)
a Bluetooth headphones/buds
a car(bike) holder/charger for his cell phone
a Amazon Prime membership (ok may be a bit more than $100)


I think this BT speaker is pretty cool:


These work well for blocking the noise from lawn care equipment and allow Dad to listen to his favorite tunes.


One of these:

Plus One of these:

Plus 2 of these:

Plus one of these:

Plus your time setting it all up with him.