Question of the week (14): Face recognition

Vivo announced a new product that creates a 3D model of your face to unlock your device. The goal of the scanner is to provide added security for your phone.

So what do you think?

Is face recognition to unlock your phone far out or too far?

Sounds less secure than a good unlock PIN.

look alike
or knock you out and use your face
someone want in your phone, just use your face

Across several phones and manufacturers this is my assessment.

I’ve used Moto’s face recognition when it was available…worked when it felt like it.

Fingerprint - works when it feels like it.

Password - WORKS!

NFC - Works - but if phone has been locked for more than 4 hours only Password works.


I don’t understand the sudden push away from Fingerprint unlock. That just seems to becoming the thing on even budget phones now.

Apple, the company that sets trends in the mobile universe, with their Face ID, now other have to follow. Its a mixed bag. Face recognition works perfectly for many folks, but not at all for many others. My tech buddy who has an iPhone X hates it and want a finger print scanner, it is faster and almost never gives an error, and works in the total dark.

I unlock my phone with my finger all the time, having to hold the phone up to my face for a sec or 2 to do so, not at all practical or wanted, especially while occupied like when driving. My Pixel XL has excellent sensor in it and always works, unless u use the wrong finger, or if I have heavy food on finger, like peanut butter.

Face id could have a use as a second layer of security, on top of Fingerprint, for those who need it.

Fingerprint is not as secure as you think:

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Neither is FaceID.

There are plenty of articles and research to prove either are not good, even for PIN/Password…we can play that game all day and get no where.

But, for my iPhone buddy, his phone will unlock if he holds it up to the family photo on his wall. Whereas, it is far more difficult to get a good copy of his fingerprint, or for one to fake one to defeat the sensor.


Fingerprint only also works if you have prints lol get a finger injury and you are out of luck…been there done that had to go back to passcode/swipe

True. LOL. That happened to me with a cut on my thumb. I had 2 other fingerprints already registered, so that was good, but hard to get used to!

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