Question of the week (17): Android vs Fuchsia

I’m sure many of you have heard that Google is working on its own operating system called Fuchsia. The goal of Fuchsia is said to be streamlining the Google experience across devices. Some believe that Fuchsia will be a better operating system than Android.

What do think? Will Google’s Fuchsia outperform Android’s operating system?

I think smart phone mania is waning. Look for retro stylized phones to make a comeback.

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Why do you think people will tire of smartphones? How retro are you talking, like flip phone retro or house phone retro?

I’m not saying they’re going to be retro devices in the sense that it will replicate the function of the old dumb phone.* I think it’s going to be retro “stylized” and employ more technology for speech recognition/interaction and some AI schemes.

*Although, I did see one of our new hot shot millennial engineers showing off his new Nokia 3310 around the office.


I’m for fuchsia. I think it has some great potential to defragment Android. I am hoping that Fuchsia will allow everyone to get speedy updates at the same time. I think we are all sick of manufacturers holding on hostage with updates.


It will give google a way to control the eco sys. of fushia Like they are doing with android It was a open source but they are quietly shutting the door as time is going on. There is a good bit of information about this in ARS Teck.


my thoughts is Google will get nailed by the European Union Antitrust laws with this, as it will be lock down more than android forcing users to use more Google services.

I’m not convince that one OS will work on a phone, tablet, laptop, and other. (Microsoft ha tried but never did get a phone that sold working) Mac OS and iOS are still different for a reason.

I also see some OEM (Samsung) dropping Google as they will go with their own OS to have more control (Tizen)

I could be wrong about all this but not see Fuchsia as all rosy

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The only company that bucked google is amazon they they have there own os sys. on the kindles An had a agreement with google for the app store But that has changed now they have to pay for that. So
might see them make the own apps an store

In the US market this is true but many Asian phones also build custom android non google phones and tablets and some of these phones do make it to the European market (this is why there are as many 3rd party app stores as their are)
Samsung has hinted they may pull an Amazon and go with their Tizen OS at times when they and google where “having words and not seeing eye to eye” and with Samsung having the highest market share of android phones they could pull it off

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I Hope samsung does go that route. It looks like google wants to really get control of android here in the states. there article in ARS was food for thought as it was how google was closing open source
in android And make it harder for every one oem an devs.

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I think Fuchsia is Google’s attempt to unify their operating systems into one futuristic adaptive desktop. Something that both Microsoft and Canonical have tried, and failed to do. With the EU’s recent decision I don’t see Fuchsia being open source anymore and or will require a licensing agreement.

Honestly I find typical iOS and Android/Fuchsia updates kinda boring now. I prefer to keep an eye on Plasma Mobile atm.

Somehow, I don’t see something that “turns your phone into a fully open hacking device” becoming mainstream but I’ve been wrong before.

Honestly I don’t really know why they even mention hacking. It’s built on Linux that kinda comes with the territory.

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