Question of the Week (2): Amazon Echo vs Google Home


Who wins on reliability and experience? Share your thoughts on your pick below.

  • Amazon Echo
  • Google Home

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I don’t have either device, but I’ve been using Google Assistant on my phone, it is just ROCKS! I using it almost every day now. I recommend if you want to test out Google Home, install the Google Assistant app on your phone and take it for a test drive.


Don’t use either, don’t need a device always listening to me, we don’t use the voice version of Google on our phones either, when we need to know something we look it up, and don’t have smart home type device that could be controlled by these,


While I prefer the “voice” for Google Assistant/Home better, I find that my Echo is able to provide an answer to questions more consistently than my Home Mini. Also has more skills that are useful to me. :man_shrugging:t2:


Yeah, I don’t either. I am tempted to try the Google Assistant app that @ithink2020 mentions just to see what all the hype is about.


I have both
my take
echo has a hard time understanding what I am saying a lot of times, but when I get it to understand what I am asking, for the most part will/can do it…
home will understand me a lot better than echo but respond back, that It can’t do it

so I don’t get understood but will/was able to do it
I am understood but can’t do what I ask…

at any rate, if I know then what I know now, would never have any of them
would have waited for another year to pick one

as far as the assistant on the phone works really well… too bad the home does not work as well…


My friends, family and I have turned off the voice activation for the same reasons. We all agree Google Assistant rocks and invoke it with a long press on our home button.


This was one of my favorite April Fools videos and is relevant to the discussion:




Both are too easy to hack or exploit and control remotely.


:scream: Not cool Alexa.


I have both. Which is best depends on your needs. Mostly, it’s just a toy.

I like Google Home because my music is in Google Play. Google Home provides better answers to questions. I’ve also programmed it to allow my kids to call Mom and Dad and am planning on adding other family members.

I like Amazon Echo because it understands my kids voices. Google Home often does not. It’s the only reason I still have the Echo turned on. I have not tried any of the calling features.

Both turn on/off my smart lights and switches equally well.


I finally got around to trying the Amazon Echo Dot. I put one in my living room, another in my bedroom. I had trouble with the one in my bedroom maintaining its connection until I updated my ASUS AMesh firmware on both routers.

I had no idea these things could place VOIP calls and spoof my RW number. So far I’ve made 5 or 6 test calls to different folks and the call quality has been excellent on both ends. If, for example, a person has both a Home number and a Mobile number it is best to give them separate contact list entries like “Bill Home” and “Bill Cell.”

I’m amused by how you hang up. While the other party is listening to you you say “Alexa hang up.”


I tried another experiment with the Amazon Echo Dot. This time I located one at my SO’s condo 65 miles from a second one located at my home. Both are associated with my Amazon account.

I said “Alexa, drop in on Judy” and sure enough, Judy answered. It was as if we both had high quality speakerphones. Audio was crisp and clear… It is a bit unsettling that she can control several of my lights from her house.


The Amazon Echo devices now support SMS if you have an Android phone. Just say “Alexa, send a message” and she will prompt you for who you want to send it to and to dictate the message.

I use Anywhere on the my phone and the outgoing message appears in the Anywhere apps on my phone and PC.